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For decades, this place stood at the center of an international boundary dispute. After nearly a century of conflict, diplomacy prevailed. Negotiation preserved goodwill between countries that once had been at war. The resolution came at a cost, disrupting people, the land, and the river that shaped them.

Wide stretch of slow-flowing river on a flat landscape, low greed shrubs and grasses grow alongside
Cultural Landscape

Water Made This Place

Hand-colored lithograph of Mexican and American forces facing off in battle, smoke fills the air.

The Cost of the US-Mexican War

A row of white concrete obelisks line the boundary of the park alongside a road

Drawing a Boundary After the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Paper map using colors to show the varying paths of a river over time
Century of Conflict

A Shifting River and Contested Boundary

Paper street map centered around Chamizal area

Mapping a Solution to the Chamizal Issue

Woman stands with two small children in front of house
People React

Perspectives on the Chamizal Solution

Page with signatures and a ribbon sealed with wax showing signet marks

Resolution and Impacts of the Chamizal Convention

Presidents stand in open car and wave to crowd lining street. Confetti fills the air.

Two Countries Commemorate Milestones


Last updated: December 23, 2021

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