View from a high point onto the plains. The sun forces its way through clouds at the center of the picture where the rays appear as beams broadcasting out of the cloudy blue sky. Silhouetted trees are dappled around their edges by the soft glow of the sun
The view from Capulin Volcano regularly reveals intense beauty of the surrounding diverse landscape.

Photo: NPS

Transition Zone:

Capulin Volcano sits within a landscape of mountains, mesas, and plains with just a touch of desert. Elevations in the park ranges from approximately 7,000 feet to 8,182 feet on the crater rim where windy conditions often exist.

Weather conditions here can change quite rapidly as storms cells move into this area from higher elevations in the west. As the cells drop down from the mountains they intensify due to the deeper moisture of the plains often bringing high winds, hail, and lightning. For forecasts and current weather conditions, please visit the National Weather Service website for Capluin Volcano National Monument.

A wooden trail sign with words etched as "Trailhead.  Lava Flow Trail".  Trees are in the nearby horizon below a dark cloudy sky where a partial rainbow cascades down to the right.
Summertime weather can change rapidly.  Check weather conditions before venturing out on your hiking adventure.

Photo:  NPS


Summers are mild (highs in the mid-80s). Thunderstorms are common in July and August which may result in temporary closures due to lightening or road washouts. Due to cooller temperatures at higher elevations, light jackets may still be needed during the summer.

Looking up a mountainside covered in frosty vegetation.  The hill rolls to reveal a layer of fog which envelopes the forested mountain top.  Snow covers the ground beneath the plants.
Winter at Capulin Volcano

Photo:  NPS


Winters are cold, and blizzards may result in temporary park closures. Warm and layered clothing should be worn the rest of the year. Current volcano road conditions may be provided by calling (575) 278-2201.

Last updated: July 4, 2018

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