Oversized Vehicles

The Volcano Road
The 2 mile Volcano Road was surveyed and constructed in 1925 by custodian Homer Farr using mules dragging weighted boards up the volcano. He believed that better access to Capulin Volcano would bring more tourists to the monument and boost the local economy. Though the building of the road was controversial even for its day, visitors are still able to enjoy the accessibility it has provided over the past 90 years.

Oversized Vehicles
Because the Volcano Road was built initially in 1925, it predated current roadway standard widths. Large vehicles, such as tour buses and motor homes, struggle to navigate the tight S curves and narrow lanes without encroaching on the opposing lane of traffic. As a result, in 1994 the National Park Service implemented policies that restricted the length and width of vehicles safely able to negotiate the Volcano Road alone. To ensure safety, Capulin Volcano National Monument instituted traffic control protocols. Due to this restriction, Capulin Volcano no longer allows oversized vehicles to travel up Volcano Road. Exceptions to this rule include approved educational groups with a validated fee waiver and commercial tours.

Vehicles Pulling Trailers
No trailers are allowed on the volcano road. There is an oversized vehicle/trailer parking area, where it would be possible to drop the trailer. Semi-tractors with trailers, the road leading to the visitor center is narrow and turning around can be difficult. If you wish to visit, please drop your trailer at the gravel patch just outside to the south of our entrance.

Last updated: December 31, 2017

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