Eagle Scout Projects and Opportunities

Throughout its history Catoctin Mountain Park has relied on the generosity, talent, and skills of numerous service, scouting groups, and organizations to assist in maintaining and preserving the many unique features and resources of the park. Of these groups, none have had a larger impact on the park than the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Amongst the rolling hills, scenic campsites, and along every trail of the park, the efforts and contributions of the BSA abound.

Catoctin Mountain Park has been, and continues to be, honored as many have worked on attaining their rank of Eagle Scout here. Below are the most recent service projects conducted in the park which led individuals to attain the highest rank in the BSA.

Are you involved in the BSA and are looking for a place to conduct an Eagle Scout Project? Contact the volunteer coordinator at 301-663-9388.

Trail in forest
Water Bars Installed on Catoctin National Recreational Trail

NPS - Catocotin Mountain Park

Catoctin Trail Rehabilitation
June 2017 – July 2017

Eagle Scout installed over two dozen water bars and check dams along the Catoctin trail between Foxville-Deerfield Road and Manahan Road. These trail repairs restored the original profile of a steep trail section highly susceptible to erosion.

Large wood framed Box with map and plexi-glass cover
Orientation Board Box at Visitor Center

NPS - Catocotin Mountain Park

Trail Orientation Boxes
January 2017 - June 2017

Eagle Scout constructed and placed orientation boxes at the Park’s major east side trailheads and information stations. These boxes display trail blazing guides that provide visitors a key navigation resource out in our trail system.

Trail running through the middle of two neatly stacked piles of wood
Charcoal Hearth Exhibit

NPS - Catoctin Mountain Park

Charcoal Trail Hearth Exhibit Reconstruction
June 2016 - June 2017

Eagle Scout reconstructed the walk through hearth exhibit at the interpretive Charcoal Trail. The new structure, complete with cinderblock framing and historically accurate wood lengths, offers a low maintenance, structurally sound design that will remain part of the trail for many years.
Park Bench near trail intersection
Bench on Chimney Rock/Wolf Rock Loop Trail

Volunteer John Zuke

Trail Bench Construction and Installation
February 2017 – May 2017

Eagle Scout constructed and placed sturdy benches at numerous locations along our popular Chimney Rock/Wolf Rock Loop Trail. These benches provide critical resting spots for hikers as they walk through the Park’s steepest and rugged terrain
Room with tables, chairs, and nature displays
Visitor Center Discovery Room

NPS - Catoctin Mountain Park

Visitor Center Discovery Room Creation
September 2016 – April 2017

Eagle Scout provided a variety of important assets to the newly-christened Visitor Center Discovery Room, including construction of child sized chairs, touch tables, and display stands. Eagle Scout also painted the room a more vivid and welcoming color and provided a canvas screen to cover Visitor Center equipment located in the room. This project was vital to the VC’s children’s area, a room that has already provided countless hours of entertainment and education.

Catoctin Greenstone sign located next to greenstone boulder
Identification Sign Located on Hog Rock Nature Trail

NPS - Catoctin Mountain Park

Hog Rock Nature Trail Sign Installation
April 2016 - August 2016

Eagle Scoutcreated and installed new ecological identification signs along the Hog Rock Nature Trail. During this project, the crew not only designed new identification signs, but also worked with Park staff to identify new specimens and areas for sign post placement.

Scouts installing Cork Board onto wall
Camp Greentop Bulletin Board Installation

NPS - Catoctin Mountain Park

Greentop Bulletin Board Installation
April 2016 - August 2016

Eagle Scout constructed and installed cork bulletin boards for use in th each of the historic cains located at Camp Greentop. The bulletin boards, assembled and stained to model the CCC-era cabin appearance, have successfully protected the historic cabin walls from repeated visitor use.

Wood Shelter at Whiskey Still Exhibit
Wood Shelter at Whiskey Still Exhibit

Volunteer John Zuke

Whiskey Still Shelter Replacement
June 2016 – July 2016

Eagle Scout replaced the wooden shelter at the popular Blue Blazes Whiskey Still exhibit. The new shelter, built with high quality, historically accurate materials, will serve as an integral interpretive piece of the Whiskey Still Exhibit for years to come.

Scouts working on trail repair
Installation of Culvert

NPS - Catoctin Mountain Park

Cunningham Falls Trail Rehabilitation
June 2016 – July 2016

Eagle Scout performed a variety of trail restoration activities on the Falls Trail, including a construction of a culvert and installation of water bars and check steps. These trail repairs have significantly reduced erosion and immediately enhanced visitor trail safety around the project site.
Hiking Trail Sign
Installed Hiking Trail Sign

NPS - Catoctin Mountain Park

Directional Trail Sign Installation
June 2016 – July 2016

Eagle Scout installed newly fabricated wooden directional trail signs at numerous locations on the east side trail system. These new signs have vastly improved the Park’s overall appearance and visitor experience on the trails.

Scouts installing railing onto wooden boardwalk
Owens Creek Sawmill Boardwalk Railing Extension

NPS - Catoctin Mountain Park

Owens Creek Sawmill Boardwalk Railing Extension
May 2016 - July 2016

Eagle Scout constructed over 200 feet of wooden railing along boardwalk previously lacking safety rails. The railing will not only substantially improve general boardwalk safety, but will make the boardwalk fully accessible to visually-impaired visitors.

Lewis Area Footbridge
Lewis Area Footbridge

NPS - Catoctin Mountain Park

Lewis Property Bridge Construction
May 2016

Eagle Scout built a twelve foot bridge connecting Thurmont to the Gateway trailhead. This bridge, placed over a small waterway, has provided safe access to the Park from the local community.

Wooden Steps
Rehabilitated Tent Pad Stairs at Owens Creek Campground

NPS - Catoctin Mountain Park

Owens Creek Tent Pad(s) Rehabilitation
November 2015 - April 2016

Eagle Scout restpored two Owens Creek Campground camp sites. Activities included included water bar installation, stairway creation, and mulching. This site maintenance significantly improved the site’s overall appearance and will help combat erosion in subsequent years.


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