Native Americans

Several different and widely varying Indian cultures have left their mark on Florida history. Some indigenous, some displaced and some forcibly moved to the area. Each has a unique and fascinating story to tell.

The Spanish

The Spanish Empire during the 16th through 18th centuries controlled, influenced or claimed nearly half of the world. In St. Augustine, the Spanish legacy can be explored by visitors today.

Colonial African Americans

Africans both free and enslaved came to the New World with the earliest European explorers. St. Augustine would eventually become home to the first legally-established free African settlement in North America.


Women have been essential in history through their family, community, and business roles. Explore stories that honor their presence and contributions in St. Augustine, Florida, and the Nation.


The British

Though they tried to take the Castillo by force numerous times, it was an international peace treaty that finally gained them possession of the fortress and the colony of Florida. Their presence would have many lasting effects on the city of St. Augustine.


Where Did They Come From?

Colonial St. Augustine had a very cosmopolitan population. Soldiers and settlers from all over the world had all different types of influence on the city's cultural landscape.


Elias Peck

What was life like during the American Civil War at Fort Marion in St. Augustine? Private Elias Sherwood Peck, of Greenwich, CT, can help us answer that question. Pvt. Peck wrote letters home during his stay with the 10thConnecticut Infantry Regiment, and his great grandson, Christopher Peck, shared those letters with us.


African Americans (1821 to Present-day)

Explore St. Augustine after the United States takes over Florida and the civil rights movement that would change everything.


The National Park Service

Since 1933, the National Park Service has been the proud steward of Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. Learn a little more about the birth of the service and about the people who make it what it is.

Last updated: May 1, 2022

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