The Special Use Permit (SUP) program authorizes activities that provide benefit to an individual, group or organization, rather than the public at large, and that require written authorization and some management control in order to protect park resources and the public interest. Examples include parking, special events, commercial filming/still photography, weddings, scattering of ashes, group camping, First Amendment activities, and constructing a temporary duck blind. Below you will find different types of permits you may need while visiting Cape Lookout.


Special Use Permits

  • long term parking help up against the front bumper of a car
    Long-Term Parking Permit

    Before you head to island to park your vehicle, make sure you have your long-term parking permit

  • duck blind
    Duck Blind Permit

    If you want more details on how to obtain a duck blind permit, click here.

  • houseboat
    Houseboat Permit

    If you want more details how to obtain a houseboat permit, click here

  • Sun is at the horizon, with the land curving from left to right.
    Scattering of Cremains Permit

    The scattering of cremated human remains ("cremains") in Cape Lookout should be a small private affair. A Special Use Permit is required.

  • Tents on the sand.
    Group Camping Permit

    Ah, camping at the beach. Have more than 24 people in your camp group? You need a special use permit!

  • The Lighthouse and Keeper Quarters at dusk. View point is from the ground looking up.
    Wedding Permit

    If you are interested in holding your marriage ceremony at Cape Lookout , the following information will be helpful in making your plans

Lighthouse and keeper's quarters with blue sky and water in foreground
Commercial Filming & Still Photography

Want to use Cape Lookout for commercial filming or still photography? Read more about obtaining a special use permit

Aerial view of a crowd next to the Lighthouse. A white ten is set up in top right.
Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a link to a few answers for typical Special Use Permit questions.

A aerial view of the dock at the Lighthouse. The sun is setting. The land is on the right
Additional Permit Information

Cape Lookout may permit a special park use providing the activity will not cause derogation of park resources or values, visitor experience

How to Apply?

Each special use permit has its own application and procedure for obtaining a permit. Allow two weeks (10 business days) for processing. Requests which involve multiple locations, complex logistics or coordination with other visitor activities will require a minimum of 15 working days to process. Projects which require environmental or cultural resource evaluation must be submitted not less than 30 days before the start of proposed activities. Below you fill find examples of events and activities that require permits, and the cost of associated with managing special park uses.

If you have any questions regarding long term parking permits or the ORV permit, please feel free to contact Tonya Seely, Lead Recreation Fee Technician, at Harkers Island Visitor Center (252) 728-2250.

Last updated: January 14, 2024

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