Although they are uninhabited now, the islands of Cape Lookout National Seashore have been the home (or the home away from home) for many people over the years.

U.S. Coast Guard Guardians, U.S. Light House Keepers, U.S. Life-Saving Surfmen, fishers, whalers, and their families are among some of the people who have endured the isolation and unpredictable weather of this section of North Carolina's barrier islands.

The links below lead to lists of the keepers of both the lighthouses and of the three Life-Saving Stations which once protected mariners along this coast. These lists are as complete and accurate as possible based on the information we have available at this time. If you have changes, additions, or photographs that you would like to share with the park, please contact us.

Lighthouse Keepers of Cape Lookout

Life-Saving Station Keepers of Cape Lookout, Core Banks, and Portsmouth stations

Portsmouth Life-Saving Station Surfboat
The crew of the Portsmouth Life-Saving Station demonstrates the launch of a rescue surfboat.

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