Protect yourself from the sun!

Be sure you're protecting yourself and your children from the sun. The sun's rays can cause long-term damage to your skin and eyes. You should apply appropriate sunscreen, even on cloudy days.

Wear or carry with you a lightweight long-sleeved shirt or cover-up and a hat for additional sun protection.

Wear quality sunglasses with 100% UV protection to protect your eyes.

Drink plenty of water or sports drinks on hot days to avoid dehydration. Remember that caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate your body, so drink fluid that will hydrate you whenever you're in the sun.

Summers can be hot at Castle Clinton you should recognize the signs of common hot-weather health emergencies—heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, sunburn, and heat rash—and take proper precautions to protect yourself.

View Animals From a Safe Distance

For your safety and the health of the animals, never feed or try to touch wildlife. Feeding, touching, or harassing wildlife is prohibited.

Please watch wildlife from a distance. Remember wild animals are not pets, and their behavior can be unpredictable.
Feeding wildlife makes them come too close to people, where they may injure us. Feeding wild animals human food is ultimately unhealthy for them and not in the animals' best interest.

Last updated: February 11, 2015

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