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Buffalo National River is home to many caves. They are a unique and important piece of the ecostyem in the park. It is our job to keep the caves, and the creatures who live in the caves safe.

Complete the Cave Junior Ranger Activities to learn more about caves.

Currently, caves at Buffalo National River are closed to people, to help slow the spread of White-Nose Syndrome. Learn more about this deadly fungus and the karst geology in the park at


Cave Decorations

Cave decorations, know as speleothems, are mineral deposits in caves. As water flows or drips into a cave, it leaves behind different minerals creating speleothems.

Draw a line from the speleothem description to its matching picture.
matching activity

Buffalo National River Junior Ranger Handbook and NPS Geologic Resources Division


Careful Cave Crawl

The caves at Buffalo National River are closed, but try navigating through the one below. Remember, touching formations or disturbing wildlife can harm the cave ecosystem.
A drawing of a maze.  The maze has been made to look like a cave.  The maze features drawings of cave features including a pool, bats, a dead end and a cave salamander.  Text in the image reads: Help Hazel navigate her way through the maze without disturb

Buffalo NR Junior Ranger Handbook/NPS


Last updated: April 18, 2020

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