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Big Hole National Battlefield is one of the 38 sites that make up the Nez Perce National Historical Park. Together they tell the story of the nimí·pu· (Nez Perce). These sites are spread over much of the traditional homeland of the nimí·pu· in present-day Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Staff are located here at the Big Hole National Battlefield, as well as at the visitor center in Spalding, ID, and at the Bear Paw Battlefield (seasonally). To visit all of the park sites would take a substantial amount of time and cover many hundreds of miles. Information for some sites can be found in the links below.

Blue camas bloom in the foreground and the tipi frames from the Nez Perce encampment
Directions to Big Hole

Directions to the Big Hole National Battlefield.

A one story building with a tepee in the foreground.
Visit the Nez Perce NHP Visitor Center

Plan your trip to the park's main visitor center, headquarters, and several other historic sites in Spalding, Idaho.

A wooden sign with the words "Nez Perce National Historical Park Bear Paw Battlefield."
Visit Bear Paw Battlefield

This page provides the information you need to plan your trip to the site of the Nez Perce Flight of 1877's final battle.

A green sign with the words "Buffal Eddy Nez Perce National Historical Park."
Visit Buffalo Eddy

Plan your visit to a site that contains hundreds of ancient, unique petroglyphs. Located near Asotin, WA.

A wooden canoe sits in a grassy area next to a river.
Visit Canoe Camp

Plan your trip to the site where Nez Perce helped Lewis & Clark carve canoes that took them to the Pacific Ocean. Located near Orofino, ID.

Sign reads "Nez Perce National Historical Park Heart of the Monster"
Visit the Heart of the Monster

Plan your visit to the site where Coyote created the Nez Perce people. Located near present-day Kamiah, ID.

Large tombstone made of many rocks cobbled together.
Visit the Old Chief Joseph Gravesite

Plan your visit to the site where Tıwi·teqıs's remains are buried. Located near Joseph, OR.

Wooden sign that reads "Welcome to Weippe where the Nez Perce Indians met Lewis and Clark in 1805."
Visit Weippe Prairie

Plan your visit to the site where the Nez Perce met Lewis and Clark in 1805. Located near Weippe, ID.

Vista of rolling hills and canyons with an information panel about the battle in the foreground.
Visit White Bird Battlefield

Plan your trip to the site of the Nez Perce Flight of 1877's first battle. Located near Whitebird, ID.

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