Big Cypress National Preserve is home to a wide and diverse range of animals. It is easy to view and appreciate Florida's largest reptile, the American alligator, living here in its natural environment. Anhingas, egrets, and herons are found in plentiful numbers feeding, displaying courtship feathers, and nesting in and among the cypress trees. Occasionally, one can witness river otter, bobcats, black bear, and the endangered Florida panther on the Preserve's back roads and trails.

A close-up of a Florida Panther's face with its mouth open.


There are 35 species of mammals found in Big Cypress National Preserve.

A Roseate Spoonbill wading through flooded grass.


Over 190 species of birds are known to visit Big Cypress.

An alligator lying on a log with a turtle on the log next to its tail.


The Preserve is home to 51 species of reptiles.

A Green Treefrog clinging to a branch.


18 species of amphibians are known to live in Big Cypress.

A Florida Gar swimming in front of yellow and orange aquatic vegetation.


There are 66 species of fish in Big Cypress National Preserve

An Eastern Lubber Grasshopper sitting on a tree branch.


Big Cypress National Preserve is home to a vast number of invertebrate species.

Last updated: November 1, 2021

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