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The smallest vehicles in the fleet, electric carts, will soon be powered by the sun, once additional solar panels come on line.

The Environmental Protection Agency cites transportation as the second leading source of greenhouse gases in the United States. To combat this, Big Cypress is using more fuel-efficient vehicles and choosing the most efficient vehicles for each job.

The Preserve reduces its fuel load by running its fleet of larger trucks, tractors and construction gear on B5, a diesel fuel that's five percent biofuel.

Today, out of 58 total vehicles, a growing number are either hybrid, or electric. Three of these vehicles are electric golf carts.


In January 2007, Big Cypress initiated a ride-share program at the suggestion of park employees—some living more than 50 miles away—who were willing to help finance the program.

Dedicated vehicles now transport approximately 25 employees (a sizable number of national preserve staff) from Ochopee to Naples, each day. This reduces fuel consumption, air pollution, improves safety, reduces parking needs, drastically reduces animal strikes, and saves money.

Last updated: April 17, 2015

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