Bering Land Bridge Visitor Center

Exhibits and display cases of ice age animals.
Visitor center display cases and exhibits.

NPS photo / Lydia Meadows

1st floor of the Sitnasuak Building on Front Street.

The Bering Land Bridge Visitor Center is located in the city of Nome, which is primarily accessed by commercial airplane. Please note that the visitor center is located approximately 100 miles south of the preserve, and additional trip planning is needed to access the preserve itself.

The visitor center is equipped with an interactive map that provides information about major land features, flora and fauna, and communities in the area. Life-size skulls and pelts allow us to get a closer look at the animals that once lived here or continue to do so. In the bookstore, you may find pamphlets of the landscape, the town, and the road system. The visitor center provides ranger programs in the summer months and during Iditarod in March.

Last updated: March 1, 2024

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