Talus House

a view of a cliff face with people walking in front of it and in places climbing ladders
Talus House was reconstructed in 1920.  Similar talus houses, built from rock debris at the bottom of the cliff, used to be in front of the other cavates.

Photo by Sally King

a view of a wide canyon with the remnants of many stone structures and trees with yellow leaves
A view down Frijoles Canyon with Talus House and Tyuonyi during autumn.

Photo by Sally King

inside of a stone room with wooden beams in the ceiling
Looking inside Talus House.  Please don't enter.

Photo by Sally King

an image of a stone structure built along a cliff
Talus House is similar to other structures that would have been built in front of many of the cavates.

Photo by Sally King

Last updated: February 12, 2022

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