Ponderosa Group Campground to Upper Crossing

a view into a deep narrow canyon with greenery but also many burnt trees.
View into Frijoles Canyon partway into the canyon and Upper Crossing


5.5 miles roundtrip on an out and back. Approximately 700 foot elevation change, downhill going, uphill out. Hike through the Ponderosa Forest to Frijoles Canyon then down into the canyon and Frijoles Creek.

With two cars, park one at the visitor center and one at Ponderosa Group Campground. Hike from campground to Upper Crossing then down canyon to the park visitor center, approx. 8 miles one way. But with two cars you can drive one back to Ponderosa Group Campground. Many creek hops but lots of great vegetation and the sounds of the creek.

Trailhead: At Ponderosa Group Campground

Last updated: March 26, 2022

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