Main Pueblo Loop Trail Stop 21

a red and buff geometric design
CU of pictograph

Photo by Sally King

The vibrantly designed pictograph in front of you was discovered behind a layer of plaster and is protected by a sheet of glass.

The people of Frijoles Canyon lived, worked, laughed, and died here for over four centuries. In that time, they learned to grow crops, read the weather and the stars, use the abundant natural resources, and live comfortably. However, like all cultures and all societies, things change. Frijoles Canyon and the surrounding areas of Bandelier were not abandoned. There was no mysterious long migration or sudden disappearance of its people. The people who lived here only moved a short distance away and over time old systems gave way to new traditions and ways of life. Although the pueblo people have not lived in the canyon since the late 1500’s, a deep spiritual connection still exists. Pueblo residents often come to visit, remember, and teach the next generation about life in the canyon when their ancestors lived here. We can do the same and take care of it for future generations.

This is the end of the Pueblo Loop Trail. Continuing and crossing the creek will bring you to the junction with the Alcove House Trail. Turn right to go the half mile to Alcove House, another cliff dwelling 140 feet above the canyon floor with four large ladders to climb up and down. Or turn left to return the half mile back to the Visitor Center and parking. In winter it may be best to back track on the trail you just walked, as the rest of the trail and the creek crossing, can be slick and icy.

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Last updated: May 8, 2022

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