Cane or walking stick cholla not only produce beautiful flowers in early summer but also provided an important food source for Ancestral Pueblo people.

Photo by Sally King

The range of elevations in Bandelier's landscape of mesas and canyons creates a diversity of ecosystems, populated by numerous species of plants. Water, most in the form of winter snow or late summer afternoon thunderstorms, is a major key to the survival of these plants. A wet season or a series of wet seasons can spur the growth of plants not seen for years or even decades. Cyclic fire, browsing by wildlife, and insect infestations are some other factors that affect the range and variety of plant species in an area.

To see a current (2014) list of plants found in Bandelier NM click here.

trio of mariposa lilies
In July 2017, mariposa lilies are in brilliant bloom in the high country of Bandelier.

photo by sally king


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