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With the Park Flight Program, birds are banded to learn more about migratory patterns.

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In 2009, the Park Flight program at Bandelier completed its sixth year of bird-banding. Interns from Central America follow the birds north to warmer climate and spend the summer banding many of the same species of birds found in their home countries. The bird-banding component helps fill information gaps concerning migratory birds within northern New Mexico and within the monument. The interns also provide local school children first-hand experiences with birds in a national park and a great supplement to their science education. The primary scientific objective of monitoring migratory birds is to determine which species are using an upper elevation site at Bandelier and their relative abundance. A secondary scientific objective with a long-term focus is to identify movement patterns and to determine summering and wintering areas for migrating birds that use Bandelier in the fall.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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