Historic CCC Photos of Bandelier

Bandelier CCC Camp 1938
A Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) camp was established in Frijoles Canyon in Bandelier NM near where the current visitor center is today.

NPS Photo

Bandelier CCC Camp 2
Many young men learned skills such as carpentry and tin working in the CCC camps like the one at Bandelier.

NPS Photo

Bandelier CCC Camp 3
Civilian Conservation Corp workers in 1938 at Bandelier NM

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CCC crew builds the road into Frijoles Canyon
One of the first tasks of CCC workers at Bandelier was to build a road into Frijoles Canyon.  This is the same route the park entrance road follows today.  Prior to arrival of the CCC workers all entry to the canyon was via a steep trail now known as the Frey Trail.

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