The Continuing Pueblo Story

young Pueblo boy
A young Pueblo boy watches his father dance at Bandelier.

photo by sally king

What lessons can you learn from the Pueblo culture? The importance of strong ties to the land, to your family, and to your community? The value of remembering and learning from the past? The importance of respecting and maintaining cultural traditions and identity? As you read about or plan a visit to Bandelier National Monument, think about what this sacred place means to you.

Protecting Cultural Heritage for the Future
"The National Park Service is committed to protecting and interpreting the cultural heritage that is integral to the special places we manage. By maintaining strong relationships and having on-going consultations with the affiliated Pueblos, we are able to better understand the importance of this park to the Pueblos today and the best ways to respect and protect it for future generations." –
Darlene Koontz, Superintendent 2008

"We live in a continuum that began when we emerged from the earth and continues on with all of our descendants. This is why time has no boundaries for us and why it is so irrelevant. We are not here to make history. We are here to live and continue history…" – Affiliated Pueblo Committee

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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