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Badlands entrance sign alongside road with text "Entering Badlands National Park" under blue sky
This sign is often the first indication that you are entering the park

NPS Photo / Ed Welsh

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Welcome to Badlands National Park

This virtual road trip is one way to experience Badlands National Park for people who might not be able to physically visit the park, people who aren’t able to visit all of the park, or those who might find this helpful in planning or assisting their trip to the Badlands.

Each virtual stop includes images and information which are meant to inform and educate virtual visitors on the various aspects of Badlands National Park. All overlooks and trails are virtually accessible in this tour through digital wayside exhibits. We have also created new virtual wayside exhibits that do not physically exist in the park; these stops include points of historical, geological, paleontological, and biological interests.

Visitors are free to experience this tour stop by stop or skip to any feature of interest through the Table of Contents.

signpost indicating mileage with the title


Explore the trails throughout the park

Bighorn lambs on an overlook precipice

Badlands Overlooks

A comprehensive list and guide to all of the park's overlooks.

Dozens of people around a projector screen in an ampitheater


Tour the visitor facilities of the park

Concrete survey marker exposed several inches due to erosion


Highlights of significant geologic and historical features throughout the park


Last updated: September 1, 2020

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