Wildlife Viewing in Glacier Bay National Park

Located in the pristine Alaskan wilderness, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is a gem for wildlife viewers. Here, the ocean and land environments are closely intertwined. Marine waters make up nearly one-fifth of the park, and no point of land is more than 30 miles from the coast. This strong land-sea connection means that the lives of virtually all the animals at Glacier Bay are tied to the park’s productive marine waters or the biologically rich near shore environment. These include the marine mammals like sea otters, whales, and sea lions that call the ocean home, and the land mammals like wolves and bears that use the marine environment for foraging and traveling. Many seabirds spend their time searching for food in the ocean waters, and coming ashore to rest and breed. Thousands of seabirds nest on the cliffs and rocky shores within the bay or on the park's outer coast.

Wildlife viewing, whether by land or sea, is superb in Glacier Bay. Watch seals and sea lions play in the cool Alaskan waters, or see a seabird return to its protected nest. Paddle by puffins while kayaking, or watch humpbacks from a tour boat. Hike coastal trails for spectacular vistas and birds’ eye views of the park’s abundant animals. In Glacier Bay, every activity gives you the chance to spot Alaskan wildlife.




Last updated: January 16, 2018