Virtual National Park Bingo

National parks are full of interesting and unique experiences, but it's also possible to stay connected to the sights, sounds, and recreational activities that parks offer from anywhere. Challenge yourself or others to a game of Virtual National Park Bingo using park websites, social media, and your own home and neighborhood.

Virtual National Park Bingo Card (detailed alternative text is on the webpage)

NPS / Matt Turner

The image is a bingo card entitled "Parks National Park Bingo" with a five-by-five square bingo grid.

Row 1, Column 1: Watched a park video
Row 1, Column 2: Took A Virtual Tour
Row 1, Column 3: Went on a Walk
Row 1, Column 4: Took a pretty picture
Row 1, Column 5: Explored a park website

Row 2, Column 1: Saw a live park program online
Row 2, Column 2: Read a Park Brochure
Row 2, Column 3: Identified Two Trees (Tall and green do not count)
Row 2, Column 4: Looked up at the stars
Row 2, Column 5: Painted a landscape scene

Row 3, Column 1; Listened to a park podcast
Row 3, Colunm 2: Threw away a piece of trash
Row 3, Column 3, Space filled with a ranger hat to use as either a free space or challenge to find an image of a ranger hat
Row 3, Colunm 4: Plan a future trip
Row 3, Colunm 5: Tried a Junior Ranger Program

Row 4, Colunm 1: Took a Selfie outside
Row 4, Column 2: Followed the park on Social Media
Row 4, Column 3: Texted a friend about your favorite park
Row 4, Column 4: Didn't use a friend as bear bait
Row 4, Column 5: Watched a wildlife webcam

Row 5, Column 1: Hiked around house without too much heavy breathing
Row 5, Column 2: Played a game
Row 5, Column 3: Watched Park Film
Row 5, Column 4: Drew a animal
Row 5, Column 5: Got a virtual stamp


Print or use computer software to mark up the bingo card after completing tasks in the bingo squares. Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal rows of five equal a bingo, but see if you can complete as many as possible. Use park websites and social media channels to complete some of the items on the card. Play yourself or challenge family and friends to most-filled or fastest bingo.


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Last updated: April 15, 2020