Tribal Historic Preservation Program Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Application

cover for application
Image of the cover page of the THPO Application

Here you can find the most updated THPO Program application. Use this application and guidance to craft your THPO program plan. NPS staff are available to offer you guidance and technical assistance that can help you craft your tribal historic preservation program plan.

If a new THPO partner would like to be eligible for THPO funds during the next fiscal year, the application and agreement process needs to be complete by July 31 before the next fiscal year begins on October 1. We recommend getting in touch as soon as you begin working on the process. The application process typically takes around 3-7 months to complete and involves an NPS review period and an external review period.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. However, in order to be eligible for funds in the next fiscal year, a THPO Memorandum of Agreement must be signed by July 31 of the prior fiscal year. For example, an application that is approved in July 2020 would be eligible for Fiscal Year 2021 funds and an application approved before or in July 2021 would be eligible for FY2022 funds. Reviewing the application guidance, and the application videos linked here can assist you in streamlining the application process.

Please e-mail us to discuss or submit a THPO application.

THPO Application Training


Last updated: January 26, 2021