Series: Joshua Tree Virtual Junior Ranger Program

By completing the following activities on a sheet of paper at home, you will learn about some of the cultural and natural wonders of Joshua Tree National Park and earn a Junior Ranger badge by mail!

  • Joshua Tree National Park

    Article 1: Draw a Joshua tree

    Paintings of Joshua Trees propped up outside.

    The park namesake, the Joshua tree (Yucca brevifolia) is a member of the Agave family. The Joshua tree is a twisty and spiky tree that can seem otherworldly, like it popped out of a book! Follow this step-by-step drawing activity to create your own Joshua Tree. No two Joshua trees look alike, so you can make yours as wacky and creative as you want! Read more

  • Joshua Tree National Park

    Article 2: Create your own Rock Formation

    A rock that looks like a giant skull.

    Just like you can find shapes in the clouds, people in Joshua Tree find shapes in the giant rock formations. Learn about how rock formations and then create your own. Read more

  • Joshua Tree National Park

    Article 3: Create your own Constellation

    A Joshua Tree under the night sky

    The night sky is a giant story book! People all over the world connect stars into patterns. Create your own constellation and write its story. Read more

  • Joshua Tree National Park

    Article 4: From Rock to Small Talk

    Three people start in front of rock art.

    People long ago shared messages by making pictures on rocks. Today we have many other ways that we can communicate. What ways do you share information with your family and friends? Read more

  • Joshua Tree National Park

    Article 5: Desert Tortoise Activity

    An upclose desert tortoise picture

    The desert tortoise has been on the earth for 15 to 20 million years. Learn more about the desert tortoise and how you can help this endangered species. Read more

  • Joshua Tree National Park

    Article 6: Design your own Adaptable Plant

    A bat flying out of a cave

    Adaptations are skills which help an animal or plant to survive in their environment. Design your own plant. Read more

  • Joshua Tree National Park

    Article 7: Junior Ranger Pledge

    A Junior Ranger gets sworn in by a Park Ranger

    After you have completed your Junior Ranger Activities you can say the Junior Ranger Pledge! Read more