Create your own Rock Formation

Watch this video on Joshua tree’s rock formations.
A rock formation that resembles a skull
This skull shape formed long ago when rain drops accumulated in tiny depressions and started to erode, or eat away, the granite. As more rock eroded, more water accumulated, leading to more erosion and over time two hollowed-out eye sockets formed and the rock began to resemble a skull.

Photo: NPS / Robb Hannawacker

Just like you can find shapes in the clouds, people in Joshua Tree find shapes in the giant rock formations. One our most famous rock formations is Skull Rock, pictured here!
Follow this link to our Flickr account and find a rock formation you find interesting.
  1. On a sheet of paper, write one fun fact you learned about the geology of Joshua Tree National Park!

  1. Draw a picture of your rock formation and give it its own unique name.

  1. What differences do you notice between the rocks at Joshua Tree and the rocks near you?

Part of a series of articles titled Joshua Tree Virtual Junior Ranger Program.

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Last updated: August 1, 2020