Series: No Time for Games

The Civil War affected more than the soldiers on the battlefield. An entire generation was shaped by their perception of events during this critical chapter of American history and the weight of war was borne on little shoulders as well as large. Whether they snuck into the army, served as drummer boys, helped tend the wounded, or faced every day as a struggle to stay alive, the perspectives of children offer unique insight into the effects of the Civil War. "The great objects in life were

  • Article 1: The Weight of War on Little Soldiers

    Photograph of young Union enlisted soldier

    Children were greatly affected by the Civil War, just like their adult counterparts. Many young boys joined the service, either for the Union or the Confederacy, and saw the gruesome reality of war. Read more

  • Article 2: Through Their Eyes

    Photograph of a young girl holding a picture of a family member that has gone to war

    Children, who were not fighting on the front lines, were fighting their own battle at home. The unknown certainty of what war brings, especially in regards to loved ones off fighting but also how their daily lives changed. The war was affecting civilians, especially children, and not just the soldiers. Read more

  • Article 3: Caught In The Middle

    Image of a father with his young daughter

    Those civilians living in Maryland came across their share of military engagements and what was left over by battles. Even though these citizens were not directly participating in the fighting, they were still heavily part of this campaign. Read more

  • Article 4: African American Children

    Photograph of a young African American Union soldier

    African American children, whether enslaved or freed, were heavily affected by the Civil War. The actions that these children took in order to help better their families and lives is a testament to the war itself. Read more

  • Article 5: An Uncertain Future

    Photograph of a Union soldier and his family at a Union camp

    As the war was winding down, and life was supposed to go back to normal, what would happen to these children who experienced so much? The emotional, psychological, and physical toll that was placed on these children was not going to go away overnight. Read more