Series: Yellowstone Science - Our Scientists

The Yellowstone Center for Resources (YCR) was created in March 1993 to centralize the park's science and resource management functions. The goals of the YCR are to: gather, manage, and analyze data in order to better conserve the park's natural and cultural resources; understand and mitigate the environmental and historic consequences of park management; preserve and curate rare, sensitive, and valuable natural and cultural resources; and work with park partners.

  • Yellowstone National Park

    Article 1: Hillary L. Robison

    Hillary in the field in the arctic, standing in front of a herd of musk oxen in the distance.

    Hillary L. Robison is the Deputy Chief of the Yellowstone Center for Resources. Her special interests include conservation, ecology, brown bears, musk ox, and insects. Read more

  • Yellowstone National Park

    Article 2: Douglas W. Smith

    Doug rides Joker through a bison-filled meadow.

    Douglas W. Smith is a supervisory wildlife biologist whose programs include wolves, elk, and birds. Read more