Douglas W. Smith

Doug Smith rides a horse through a meadow

Douglas W. Smith
Senior Wildlife Biologist
Wolves, Elk, and Birds


  • PhD, University of Nevada, Reno, 1997

Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology
Dissertation: Dispersal Strategies and Cooperative Breeding in Beavers
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Jenkins

  • MS, Michigan Technological University, Biology, 1988

Thesis: Natural Winter Body Temperature Fluctuations in the Beaver
Advisor: Dr. Rolf Peterson

  • BS, University of Idaho, Wildlife Biology, 1985

Advisor: Dr. James Peek

Current Position

2008 - Present
Senior Wildlife Biologist, Yellowstone National Park (YNP), WY, MT, ID
Project Leader for Yellowstone Wolf Project

Selected Publications

Koel, T.M., L.M. Tronstad, J.L. Arnold, K.A. Gunther, D.W. Smith, J.M. Syslo, P.J. White. 2019. Predatory fish invasion induces within and across ecosystem effects in Yellowstone National Park. Science Advances 5: 1-11.

Smith, D.W., P.J. White, D.R. Stahler, A. Wydeven, and D.E. Hallac. 2016. Managing wolves in the Yellowstone area: Balancing goals across jurisdictional boundaries. Wildlife Society Bulletin 40:436-445.

Borg, B.L., S.M. Arthur, N.A. Bromen, K.A. Cassidy, R. McIntyre, D.W. Smith, and L.R. Prugh. 2016. Implications of harvest on boundaries of protected areas for large carnivore viewing opportunities. PLoS ONE 11(4):e0153808.doi10.1371/journal.pone.0153808

Smith, D.W., M.C. Metz, K.A. Cassidy, E.E. Stahler, R.T. McIntyre, E.S. Almberg, D.R. Stahler. 2015. Infanticide in wolves: seasonality of mortalities and attacks at dens support evolution of territoriality. Journal of Mammalogy 96:1174-1183.

Peterson, R.O., J.A. Vucetich, J.M. Bump and D.W. Smith. 2014. Trophic cascades in a multicausal world: Isle Royale and Yellowstone. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 45:325-345.

Baril, L.M, D.W. Smith, T. Drummer, and T.M. Koel. 2013. Implications of cutthroat trout declines for breeding ospreys and bald eagles at Yellowstone Lake. Journal of Raptor Research 47:234-245.

Smith, D.W. and D.B. Tyers. 2012. The history and current status and distribution of beavers in Yellowstone National Park. Northwest Science 86:276-288.

Coulson, T., D.R. MacNulty, D.R. Stahler, B. vonHoldt, R.K. Wayne, D.W. Smith. 2011. Modeling effects of environmental change on wolf population dynamics, trait evolution, and life history. Science 334:1275-1278.

Smith, D.W., E.E. Bangs, J.K. Oakleaf, C. Mack, J. Fontaine, D. Boyd, M. Jimenez, D.H. Pletscher, C.C. Niemeyer, T.J. Meier, D.R. Stahler, J. Holyan, V.J. Asher, D. Murray. 2010. Survival of colonizing wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains of the United States, 1982-2004. Journal of Wildlife Management 74:620-634.


Smith, D.W. and G. Ferguson. 2005. Decade of the wolf: Returning the wild to Yellowstone. Lyons Press, Guilford, CT, 212 pp.

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