Sea Kayaking in Wrangell – St Elias National Park and Preserve

Since 1900, four huge tidewater glaciers have been retreating, forming Icy Bay on the coast of the Alaskan Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. The protected waters there, surrounded by spectacular glacial scenery and an abundance of wildlife, are ideal for sea kayaking. By kayak, on your own or on a guided trip, you can use your own power to explore the rugged, yet beautiful bay and its mountain views. You can paddle through the frigid waters that are home to Steller sea lions, orcas, numerous seabirds, and many other animals.

Access to Icy Bay is restricted to small bush planes only, so many kayakers use collapsible kayaks. Planes usually land at Kageet Point, which is the most common point of access for Icy Bay visitors. This raised beach strip makes for a lovely initial camping spot while you set up your gear, one of many beach camping opportunities throughout the bay. As there are no officially designated campsites, we ask that you pick areas that seem suitable to your needs, are located away from areas that already show signs of use, and leave no trace of your camping when you depart.

Last updated: January 16, 2018