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Santa Fe Trail Association (SFTA) – URL:

The SFTA partners with the National Park Service to coordinate the preservation and use of the Trail. The SFTA’s goals focus on preserving, exploring, educating about, and celebrating the Trail. Their activities include publishing a quarterly journal, Wagon Tracks, devoted to scholarship and news about the Trail. Based on geographical segments, there are 10 chapters of the SFTA.

Santa Fe National Historic Trail – URL:

This National Park Service website includes a history of the trail, trail maps, photographs, and information on visiting the trail. One page provides a listing by state of historic sites and interpretive areas whose owners/managers are “certified” partners with the National Park Service on the Trail.

Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS) – URL:

PNTS, created in 1995, facilitates cooperation among government agencies and private groups involved with the national scenic and historic trails of the National Trails System.

Santa Fe Trail Center – URL:

The Santa Fe Trail Center is an educational institution devoted to interpretation of the Santa Fe Trail. The Center, located near Larned, Kansas, contains a museum with indoor and outdoor exhibits and a research library and archives.

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Last updated: March 18, 2016