Pancho's Scrapbook

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Wouldn't it be amazing to hear the story of Tumacácori from one who has witnessed it first hand. Or is it "first wing?" Ranger Melanie and her feathered co-host read aloud, with discussion points to explore.

leather scrapbook cover
Good thing Pancho kept such meticulous records.


Pancho's Scrapbook

Follow along with this feathered, first-hand witness to all of Tumacácori's history.

Download Pancho's Scrapbook (6Mb, .pdf).
Download the Pancho's Scrapbook FIND ME hunt (1Mb, .pdf)

Or, watch for these bits of trivia:
1) What is Pancho's scientific name?
2) In what year did Pancho meet Kino?
3) When was the big Pima Rebellion?
4) Where did the last mission residents take the santos for safe keeping?
5) Who sent Pancho a congratulatory letter in 1908?
6) Tumacácori's doors are replicas from which Sonoran mission?
7) How many missions in total does Tumacácori National Historical Park protect?

Tumacácori National Historical Park

Last updated: May 13, 2024