Outbuildings Activity

Landscape drawing of a 19th century farm including a house, barn, and several outbuildings
President Grant's Farm, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1875

Besides the main house (White Haven) the park includes other buildings separated from the main house called "outbuildings." Briefly read the articles on the park website about the Stone Building and Ice and Chicken Houses and answer the following:

1. The stone building functioned as a summer kitchen and a laundry room. Who do you think were responsible for cooking and laundry chores on the farm?

2. Does your family have a summer outdoor kitchen? How has cooking and laundry changed since the time of the Grants to your family?

3. What would be the benefits of having an ice house on the farm? How do you think the people at White Haven were getting ice and how were they able to store it?

4. In what ways do you think life has changed on the farm from the days of Grant farming to today?

Part of a series of articles titled Ulysses S. Grant NHS Virtual Junior Ranger Activity Book.

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Last updated: April 11, 2020