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"WANTED: Full-time mystery hunter, history seeker, and artifact looker. Must be willing to play dirty. Some work outside, some work inside. Ideal candidate likes to read, to think about logic problems, learn about other people, and work with a team."

Sound like you? Read on for ways to learn more and get a job.

What other archeology activities does the NPS have online for kids?

How do archeologists become archeologists?
Read our Career Guide to learn about the educational and experience necessary to call yourself "archeologist."

Where can I find opportunities for kids to try archeology?
Refer to Get Involved for information on locating field schools, volunteer opportunities, and other activities.

Where can my kids visit the National Park System to see archeology?
Check out Plan Your Visit for ideas about places to go and things to do.

Can the NPS recommend magazines or books for kids?
While we cannot endorse any publications, we can point you to several that appear on many "best of" lists.


  • Dig into History Magazine for Kids. Cricket Media, Inc.
  • Archaeology Magazine. Archaeological Institute of America


  • Archaeologists Dig for Clues, Kate Duke
  • Motel of the Mysteries, David Macauley
  • Shipwreck Search: Discovery of the H. L. Hunley, Sally M. Walker
  • The Street Beneath My Feet, Charlotte Guillian
  • The Young Oxford Book of Archaeology, Norah Moloney

Last updated: March 6, 2023