Backyard Bird Bingo

A 3x3 grid of images of birds. Top row, left to right: A big bird, A gray bird, A singing bird. Middle row: A colorful bird, Any other bird, A flying bird. Bottom row: A sitting bird, a floating bird, a small bird.
Backyard Bird Bingo

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Mount Rainier is home to many different types of birds and people come from all over the world to see them. The park even provides habitats for endangered species like the marbled murelet and Northern spotted owl. Read about the lives of these special birds and others.

When rangers are at home, they love to observe the birds that are found in their community. Practice your bird watching skills with this Backyard Bird Bingo. Download a printable version. Use the tips below to become a better birder.

  1. Time of day - Birds are most active in the morning and evening. Try to get out at these times to see the most variety of birds.
  2. Be Quiet and Still - Noises and quick movements will startle birds, be as still and quiet as possible.
  3. Study Habitat - Knowing where birds like to live helps you figure out which birds you are looking based on where you are seeing them.
  4. Sun at your back - If you stand with the sun at your back it will be easier to see the colors and markings of different birds.

Mount Rainier National Park

Last updated: May 15, 2020