Active Process Monitoring Example—Landscape Arch

Arches National Park contains the greatest density of arches in the world. Photogrammetry was used to model arches, including Landscape Arch, the largest natural rock span in North America. These models were used to study natural vibration of the structures. This collaborative effort with the University of Utah seeks to better understand how arches vibrate, and whether vibrational characteristics can be used to understand changing internal strength or damage that might precede collapse.

3D Landscape Arch
Arches National Park, Utah

A 3D model. This model shows a natural rock arch. The model can be rotated and tilted using a computer interface.

This model is of Landscape Arch, Arches NP, Utah. Arches are dynamic and can collapse. Modeling can improve our understand the of arch dynamics; models like these -

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Arches National Park

Last updated: April 30, 2021