Suffrage in 60 Seconds: Colors

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Welcome to another episode of Suffrage in 60 Seconds.

Today we are going to discuss the National Woman's Party colors. The National Woman's Party colors are purple, white, and gold. So where were they inspired from? Well, it was the suffragettes in England. So their color scheme in England was green. white, and violet, great for Give Women the Vote.

In the U.S, they use the same idea but change the color scheme by replacing green with gold and yellow. Sunflower became a symbol of the women's suffrage movement in 1867. A campaign in Kansas adopted the state flower and, to represent their cause. This is the inspiration that gives the golden yellow color to the flag.

All right, and for more information on women's suffrage history please follow us and check us out another segment of Suffrage in 60 Seconds.

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Why did the National Woman's Party choose Gold, White, and Purple as their signature colors on sashes, flags, and banners in their fight for the 19th Amendment? In this episode of Suffrage in 60 Seconds, Ranger Lauren has the answer.

In addition to the signature colors, many other symbols were used during the campaign for woman suffrage. Which ones are familiar to you?

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Last updated: September 1, 2020