Puma Profiles: P-1

Mountain lion walking at night.

Initial capture date: 2002

Perhaps it was fortuitous that the first mountain lion to be captured for the study happened to be the dominant male of the mountains at the time. P-1, sometimes referred to as the king of the mountains, used almost the entirety of the Santa Monica Mountains (map). Captured in 2002, then thought to be about 5 years old, he was known to roam the mountains until at least 2009, according to the last bit of confirmed evidence. In the wild, mountain lions can live up to 13 years. It is presumed he has since passed, but our monitoring suggests he lived a successful life, biologically speaking. He protected and fought for a large range, fathered several kittens, and lived to or beyond the full life expectancy of a mountain lion. That can’t be said for all lions in the Santa Monicas.

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Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Last updated: January 19, 2023