NPS Fashion Week 2021

Fashion illustration announcing NPS Fashion Week from September 8-13 2021.
NPS Fashion Week Graphic

NPS / Karen Ceballos

The National Park Service is dropping their 2021 collection!

Between September 8 -13, we’ll be celebrating NPS Fashion Week. Join us, as parks go face-to-face, serving looks and turning heads across social media. For this year’s green (and grey) carpet event, we’ll explore the history of the iconic ranger uniform, park-inspired beauty, and even challenge YOU to design your own park-inspired outfit!
A fashion sketch with a female model wearing cacti-inspired pants and a green jacket against a faded desert scene
Saguaro National Park inspired fashion

NPS  / Karen Ceballos

Cactus green has never looked better. Echoing the form of resilient desert plants, this piece is fitted for comfort and functionality. Just as the saguaro and organ pipe cacti can handle the unpredictability of a hostile desert landscape, you too can channel your adaptability with whatever life throws your way!
A fashion sketch of a female model wearing a geyser-inspired ballroom gown.
Geyser-inspired ballroom gown.

NPS / Karen Ceballos

Unpredictable, dramatic, and a bit dangerous. The gradient from turquoise blue to vibrant orange makes this geyser-inspired gown irresistible. If there ever was a feme-fatal on the trail, she would be clad in her finest evening wear.
A fashion sketch of a male model wearing a jacket inspired by rock layers.
Rock layer-inspired jacket

NPS / Karen Ceballos

Neutral and Understated. The Earth’s layers depicted on this garment reveals a window into Earth’s past. The beautiful sequence of taupe, sienna, and sandy beige allow the landscape to speak for itself. Its geologic history is put on display. This jacket is ideal for those who aren’t afraid to let their colors shine.

Like what you see? Here is your fashion challenge!

Design an outfit inspired by your favorite national park!

Download your ranger paper doll or create your own from scratch!

Use #NPSInspired and share on social media!

An outline of a person. It reads, "Design an outfit inspired by your favorite National Park. Share using #NPSInspired."
Design your own park-inspired outfit template.

NPS - Karen Ceballos.


What's up our sleeve? Check out our daily themes for the week.

Wednesday, September 8th

Beauty, Inspired by park! Patterns, shapes, colors, textures, and silhouettes can all be derived from our public lands, often requiring the viewer to slow down and take a closer look at these elements that influence our perception of beauty and harmony.

Thursday, September 9

Historical Fashion Trends: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The intersectionality between fashion and public lands is an inconspicuous topic. As we look at past trends, we’ll shine light on everything from the revered to the catastrophic, from iconic period garb to fashion trends that proved detrimental to the flora and fauna. Garments and accessories that were once in vogue have shaped the history of our park sites, for better or for worse.

Friday, September 10th

NPS Make-Overs: What’s a fashion show without an element of transformation? From drab to fab, we’ll examine how the work of maintenance, facilities, and resources can bring out the best in our park structures and landscapes.

Saturday, September 11th

Day of remembrance and 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Sunday, September 12th

Trail Style: Truly, it’s #PlanLikeaParkRanger, but hidden in a most fashionable disguise. With a fun twist on pSAR style-messaging, parks, sites, and programs can amplify messaging on how to construct a fashionable attire that is appropriate for a park, a season, or weather.

Monday, September 13th

NPS Uniform History: The complex history of the Green and Gray has long intrigued park staff. The NPS began with strong ties to the military, informing early iterations of the park ranger uniform. Today, the iconic “class A” uniform has transcended several generations of change and still remains a classic.

Last updated: September 1, 2021