NNL Prehistoric Life Coloring Pages

colored picture of a dinosaur in grass
A theropod dinosaur found at Garden Park NNL artistically brought to life with digital color
Did you know there are National Natural Landmark (NNL) sites designated for their incredible paleontological resources? Across the country there are many NNLs that contain significant fossil evidence of ancient times. These include world-famous places like Rancho La Brea in California where natural asphalt tar pits entrapped Pleistocene animals in their quest for fresh water, and Ghost Ranch in New Mexico where well-preserved skeletons of the Triassic dinosaur Coelophysis have been exposed. Other sites contain evidence and fossils of ancient coral reefs, woolly mammoths, prehistoric bears, and more!

These coloring pages highlight some of the prehistoric species found at NNL sites. We hope you find these educational and fun. Please download, print, and color!

Last updated: August 15, 2023