Cultivating Connections: Black Homesteading in America

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A special program which aims to share research tips for beginners and personal perspectives from four descendants of black homesteaders who have uncovered and shared their homesteading history on the National Park Service website.

6 members of the Williams family of Nicodemus, KS.

Black Homesteading in America

Homesteading stories of migration, risk taking, immense toil, hardship, sacrifice, courage in the face of long odds.

Learn about  and find homestead records.

Learn About Finding Homestead Records

Learn what homestead records are and how to find them along with other additional homesteading resources.

Requesting Homestead Records

Requesting Homestead Records

Learn about Land-Entry Case Files, Searching the Online Database, Ordering Land-Entry Case Files from the National Archives and more

Homestead National Historical Park

Last updated: February 28, 2022