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Hand holding phone. On phone screen is a mobile app showing map of the Lewis and Clark Trail with partner visitor centers
You can browse a map and list of partner visitor centers along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.


About this article: This article was originally published in the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Annual Report 2022.

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail spans 16 states and more than 4,900 miles! Communicating and organizing information for a network so large is no small task. Our official National Park Service website ( is a critical tool for staying in touch with the public and our partners. The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretation team continues to make improvements to the website to make it useful for the visiting public, students, and Lewis and Clark Trail partners.

Trail staff and volunteer efforts have transformed Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail’s web presence. In 2022, our website had almost one million page views! Users may notice a recently updated state by state guide, online Junior Ranger program,Partner Toolkit, and newly revised and expanded history content.

Trail staff continue to work on the National Park Service’s NPS Mobile App site for the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. The app provides useful information for travelers and a list of places to visit to learn more about the Lewis and Clark story.


  • Screenshot of webpage with links to partner programs.

    Hey, partners! Find support for trailwide programs, pre-made social media posts, reports, guides, and more on this virtual partner hub.

  • Screenshot of webpage featuring grid of links directing to states along the trail.

    Find stories and places to visit with this tool which groups information by state.

  • Screenshot of webpage with grid of links to people, places, and stories.

    New content is being posted each month. Check back often to find stories from the past and today.

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Last updated: January 4, 2023