Chami Coloring Pages

spotted ground squirrel ranger mascot standing next to boundary marker in front of building
Chami, the Chamizal National Memorial mascot stands by a boundary monument in front of the park's cultural center.


Chami is a spotted ground squirrel. Spotted ground squirrels and rock squirrels call Chamizal National Memorial home, along with other urban wildlife common to El Paso, Texas. Chami helps kids of all ages remember important lessons from Chamizal history. Chami also reminds us that as big cities spread into surrounding natural areas, parks like Chamizal National Memorial may be the only habitat these animals can find. As in any national park, we respect their homes and enjoy watching wildlife at a distance.

Coloring Pages

Print and color Chami's pages from the gallery and share the messages with others. Chami encourages kids to run and play, expore, ride bikes, and make new friends. Learn the phrases in Spanish, too!

Last updated: July 29, 2020