Virtual Tour of Sandburg Home

This is a photo tour with some 360 images of the inside of the Sandburg Home. Visitors can only explore the home in person while on a guided tour. Find information about guided tours here.

Carl Sandburg and his family lived here for 22 years from 1945-1967. Learn about the home, how the Sandburg family lived here and the story of love and success they all shared.

Dining Room

Vintage dining room with table set for dinner, two walls of bookshelves and a bay of five windows on outside wall.

Carl Sandburg's Study

A loft office filled with books, metal file cabinets, office desk and chair, and a wood stove.

Carl Sandburg's Bedroom

A loft bedroom with bed, two dressers, a wall bookshelf. Paper ephemera is on the desk and walls.

Crow's Nest

A view of the mountains from the third floor of the house.

Janet Sandburg's Bedroom

A loft bedroom with several dressers, twin bed and tables filled with books and papers. A typewriter sits at a table in front of a window.

Margaret Sandburg's Bedroom

A loft bedroom with two twin beds, a tv, sewing machine, desk and bookshelves.

Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site

Last updated: April 22, 2022