Homestead Bat Study

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This study seeks a threatened specie and more information about how bats utilize park habitat.


Homestead National Historical Park is home to an amazing diversity of wildlife including the threatened Northern Long-Eared Bat. Bat Research at the park has identified EIGHT different species of bats that inhabit the monument in the summer months and some bats appears to use the park year-round! Calls of the Big Brown Bat, Northern Long-Eared Bat and the Hoary Bat were detected in sampling that occurred in October and February. Monitoring has not occurred November through January.

All the bats that inhabit Homestead are insectivorous, meaning that they only eat insects. These tiny little predators consume copious numbers of insects helping to keep the ecosystem in balance, and they reduce the amount of crop, tree and forage damage that the insects could cause if their populations were left unchecked.

Last updated: October 24, 2021