Authentic Native American Handicrafts

NAH Illustration

Every November during Native American Heritage Month, the National Park Service (NPS) celebrates and shines a focused spotlight on the traditions, languages, and contributions of Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Island communities. The NPS Commercial Services Program (CSP) works not just during November, but throughout the year to ensure their rich histories and contributions are honored and recognized with each passing generation. In our continued interest in providing information and resources to concessioners to help support this mission, the CSP has collaborated with the Indian Arts and Craft Board (IACB) to host meetings and offer support and guidance on best practices for purchasing and selling artwork directly from Indian artists and Indian-owned arts and crafts businesses. As a result of these meetings, the CSP has updated the NPS CSP Authentic Native Handicraft (ANH) website with new materials related to the procurement and retail sale of authentic Alaska Native and American Indian art and craftwork.

You can find meeting minutes and other helpful documents and links on the CSP ANH website.

Last updated: November 19, 2021