Army Pie Crust Recipe

Pie crust

(Makes 3 double 9-inch crusts)

1 pound flour
8 ounces fat (lard or lard substitute)
1/5 ounce sea salt
¼ pint cold water

All ingredients should be thoroughly chilled before using. Mix the flour with one-half the fat by chopping or cutting with the food chopper or knife until the size of corn meal. Then mix in the remainder of the fat by the same method, except that the fat is cut in so as to leave the mixture in small pieces, about the size of a bean, then add the cold water slowly while tossing the mixture with a fork. A medium-soft dough, not slack or stiff, is the easiest to handle. Roll and handle as little as possible. Best results will be had by making up pie crust dough in small batches like this recipe for three pies.

This recipe is brought to you directly from the The Army Cook, TM 10-405, without alteration. (Pg. 215)

Listing photo from Prince William Forest Park's Office of Strategic Services (1942-45) photo album.

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Last updated: December 13, 2020