Anderson Fishery

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fish house with two windows and two doors, dock in front
The fish house at Anderson Fishery as photographed in August of 1954.

National Visual Inventory Cards 50-608 / D.R. Hakala


Victor and Andrew Anderson were commercial fisherman who operated one of only two fisheries located in the Tobin Harbor area. Later, their sons Emil (no relation to Emil Anderson of Belle Isle) and Arthur continued to operate the family owned fishery until the establishment of Isle Royale National Park. The Andersons did not accept the life lease option and sold the property outright to the U.S. government for $2,962.32. Located on Anderson's property at the time of sale was a cottage, privy, boathouse (#358), and a fish house (#83). The Mattson's continued to use Anderson's boathouse until 1962 when the deterioted structure was removed by the NPS.

Isle Royale National Park

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