Bangsund Fishery

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fish house on left over waterway, cabin behind it, net racks on right
View from the Rock Harbor channel of the Bangsund Fishery, as it appeared in September of 1949.

National Visual Inventory Cards 40-278 / C.E. Humberger


Jack Bangsund operated a commercial fishery business out of the Rock Harbor area. Bangsund was a squatter and never held title to any Isle Royale lands. A main residence, two sleeping cabins, and a log crib are all the structures that remain from the Bangsund era. Following his death in 1959, the National Park Service allowed Durward Allen and David Mech to use the property as a field work base camp. After Allen retired in 1975, the camp was reoccupied by Rolf Peterson to serve as headquarters for the wolf-moose project. Today, the Bangsund cottage remains an important structure in the park for its representation of Isle Royale commercial fishing and its association with the wolf-moose study.

Fishery Site Map

sketch of the Bangsund fishery including 3 storage structures, boat shed, yurt, 2 sleeping cabins, tent, privy, and cabin
Bangsund Fishery Site Map


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