All About Trees - Activities for Kids

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Ranger Beth and Ranger Steve introduce themselves AND a really big, really old sycamore tree!

Activity 1: How a Tree Grows

Activity 2: Why Leaves Change Colors

Activity 3: Adopt a Tree

A printable version of the worksheet below is available here as a PDF document.

Adopt a Tree Worksheet

  1. Name Your Tree

  2. What species is your tree? Use a guidebook or the internet to help identify it.

  3. What is your tree’s height and circumference (distance around the trunk)?

  • Height:

  • Circumference:

  1. Does it have flowers, fruits or nuts?

  2. Are there any animals on or near your tree? Don’t forget to look for insects, spiders, and birds.

  3. Look closer at the leaves. How do they smell? How do they feel?

  4. Write 7 words (adjectives) that describe your tree.

  5. Make a sketch of your tree. Draw the shape of its trunk, branches, and canopy (treetop).

  6. Make a leaf and bark rubbing of your tree.

Valley Forge National Historical Park

Last updated: October 27, 2022